What To Do With Your Wrecked Car

If you ever get into an accident or unfortunately have been in one, one of the many things that may come to a person’s mind is “What am I going to do with this piece of junk car?” Most people still being in the shock of the moment have the car towed back to their homes, and if they are lucky they have a driveway junk a car for cash or garage, but some people are not as lucky and have to have it towed and parked on the street for a few days until they can decide what to do with it. Other people would just have a towing company pick it up and take it away, and goodbye car. Most towers will even charge you for the tow. Even those that had the vehicles brought to their home either by having it towed or driving it themselves now usually look around and try to find a salvage or scrap yard to take the car off their hands because they simply just don’t know what else to do. Still, in these cases many towers will still charge for the tow to the scrap yard and in other cases the scrap yard may pay you like a hundred bucks for your vehicle if you’re lucky. Scrap yards will sometimes pay cash for junk cars but no where near as much as it could be worth. You should ask yourself a few questions before you practically just give the car away for nothing:


  • Is the car still in running condition?
  • Besides being able to start it, is it still drivable?
  • Is it still safe to drive, have any of the airbags deployed?
  • How much would it cost you to fix, and is it worth it?
  • How can I find a place that pays cash for junk cars instead of giving it away for free?


These are just a few of many things you should think of because there is a very good possibility that you won’t even have to pay to have your car towed and will even find a company that buys junk cars. That’s right, you can actually get money for that car that you may in the past have had to pay to have removed. Don’t settle for less than you deserve, and don’t get stuck paying to having it towed to a scrap yard that will make hundreds if not thousands off of your car that you paid them to take.

Hi, my name is Mike Frantel, and besides myself I know many people that have been in similar situations like above. Ironically, I ended up working for a company that pays Cash For Junk Cars. Please visit our website when you get the chance, and please feel free to ask us any type of questions you may have about junk car removal and your current situation.


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