Some Benefits of Hospice Services

Services from hospice are extended to those who are terminally ill and have opted to stop aggressive treatment for curative reasons and only want pain and discomfort management. Hospice gives complete support to those who want to live a life of dignity and quality. The services offered by hospice are the hospice care in pasadena physicians, nursing support, counselors, social workers, therapists and those who provide spiritual care and also support during grief and bereavement. There are also volunteers who step in, in the time of need. All of this is based on the patient’s needs and wants.

There is a misconception that hospice services are asked for when hope has been abandoned. This is not true and it is actually a way of life which gives the person a lot more dignity and comfort than in evading the issue and making them suffer. Hospice services should be provided to the terminally ill at least for the last six months of their life and not only when the situation is unbearable. It is much better to ensure that the patient has some physical comfort before they reach a stage where they are not aware of their own surroundings.

The main focus of hospice services is the end of life days when the patient is made to feel safe and comfortable. This is something which is very important for a person who knows that their days are really numbered and would want to spend quality time with their near and dear ones without being under aggressive treatment which causes symptoms which are more distressing and painful. If this period is made comfortable then the person can complete a lot of issues which are unresolved and fulfill a lot of wishes, when they are physically possible. Being locked up in a hospital or nursing home when there is not much time left in one’s life is not the best way to spend one’s end of life.


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