LED is simply the way to go. Compared to other technology, LED consumes less energy but still capable of giving you amazing colors and true blacks. Sharp is one of few manufacturers that are producing LED HDTVs and some of its products are the best in the market. The Sharp AQUOS LC40LE700UN 40-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV is a great 40-Inch television capable of playing Full HD media. This HDTV comes in a glossy black piano, very sleek and elegant, doesn’t look cheap at all. The overall look of the set is definitely exhilarating as well and because of its dazzling finish, it can be placed anywhere around the house without actually delete mercari account spoiling the design concept of the place.

The AQUOS LC40LE700UN comes with 4 HDMI port with every one of them capable of supporting the latest HDMI version 1.3 which allows deep colors to be produced by the television. There are 2 HD component port on the unit as well and both of these ports are capable of playing full HD picture. Picture quality on the LC40LE700UN is one of the best in the market as well. The UltraBrilliant LED System helps produce deep blacks as well as very rich colors. Viewers can definitely be absorbed while watching movies or pictures on this LED HDTV.

Gaming can prove to be quite fun on the LC40LE700UN as it features a Vyper Drive Game Mode that will help reduce delay as well as lags caused by the sluggish response between the television and the game console. In addition to that, the 120Hz refresh rate also allows the user to experience incredible detail in motion pictures. However, this may result in the infamous “soap opera effect” caused by high refresh rate television as well. It is recommended to turn off this feature unless there is a need to watch high speed broadcasts such as sports.

The LC40LE700UN has a USB slot which may be used to upgrade the firmware of the LED HDTV. Not only that, it can also play photos as well as MP3 songs thanks to the USB Photo Viewer with Music Player. In addition to that, the AQUOS Net feature of the HDTV also allows contents to be extracted from the Internet as well as widgets to be used on the television itself. Those having AQUOS Blu-Ray player may also utilize the AQUOS Link technology supported by this television. It allows easier access to the player through the television and can potentially reduce any hassles that may occur with players of other brands.

This LED HDTV is also in compliance with Energy Star regulations. In fact, you don’t need to worry about the energy consumption, this LED HDTV only needs maximum of 95 watts at its max out usage. Overall, the Sharp AQUOS LC40LE700UN 40-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV is a great television for those wanting a television that helps protect the environment through less energy consumption as well as for those wanting high quality pictures as well. With its deep black production as well as its vivid colors, there is no other choice better than this when it comes to getting an LED HDTV.

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