Proofreading an Essay

Editing and proofreading your paper can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task, but it is a necessary step in the process. Revising and editing a paper can mean the difference between an A and a C grade. There are several steps that can be taken to simplify the process.

First, reading the paper out loud to yourself or a friend can often uncover mistakes that are often left unnoticed. Reading aloud can have many benefits. When your brain processes information in a new way, you may notice things that you did not see before. For example, sometimes words are left out in a sentence, and mess things up, but by reading the paper out loud to yourself, you just might notice that the word is missing.

Second, having a second set of eyes to read over your paper may also find holes in your paper’s argument. As an addition you may also get some feedback on how to improve your paper.

Third, check the draft against the guidelines and requirements to ensure that you are answering the right question. Often a paper can be grammatically correct and have a strong argument, but if it doesn’t answer the right question, then you will not receive a good grade.

Fourth, you must make sure that each paragraph transitions smoothly to the next in a clear logical transition. A paragraph should be a basic unit of composition, each presenting a clear idea or argument.

Another route that can be taken is to find a professional editing and essay writing service reddit proofreading service that is offered online. There are several editors that can be chosen from who have the knowledge and experience to help and correct your typographical errors, grammar, sentence fragments, structure, organization, audience appropriateness, as well as provide feedback on how to improve your paper.

Do not confuse a proofreading service with a paper writing service. Using a full paper writing service is cheating. For a premium price these websites will deliver a fully written paper on your topic. These websites hire workers overseas to write your paper, many of their writers are not even native English speakers, this becomes all to apparent in the paper you receive. Even worse some will recycle and reuse the same papers over and over, if your professor submits this paper into one of the many plagiarism databases you can say goodbye to your hopes of a higher education.


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