How Do I Give My Girl An EROTIC MASSAGE?



You need to know how to give a woman an erotic massaging. Begin by massaging your back and shoulders. Next, move on to the erogenous areas. The massage should last between five and seven minutes. When you start the adult massage London, start gently and slowly.


Flat hand strokes for erotic massaging should not be used. As an example, take the panty stroke and apply the strokes to your vulva base, cupping them, and covering it. Be sure to avoid eye contact and moving the hands too much.


The feather finger stroke is a great erotic massage technique for your thighs. This technique is simple and can be done with your tips of your fingers. Use your fingertips to make gentle circular movements from one side to the other.

This technique works best on the armpit, the crook inside the elbow, and the glans, the sensitive head of the penis and the male counterpart of the clitoris. If you have trouble finding the right areas to massage, you can try rubbing each arm separately.

When applying erotic strokes, remember that you’re working with your partner’s sensitivity, not your own. Begin slowly with gentle strokes, then gradually increase the pressure. Remember that gentle touch is key to arousal.

After you’ve achieved a comfortable touch, follow the same motions with the woman’s hand. Begin from the base of the vulva and move upward to the belly, letting your fingers lead the way. Gently cup the entire vulva, and press it into your vulva. You can then stimulate the vulva by circling it with your fingers.

This massage should elicit a climax feeling in your lover. It should also give them a warm, fuzzy feeling. This will increase their arousal and make them wild! If you’re giving a sensual massage to a partner, be careful to not overdo it and use lubricant after the “edging” techniques have been done first.


If you want to give your girl an erotic massage, it’s important to communicate with her. It helps you to relax and calm her sexual energy. A good massage takes more than an hour, so take it slow and be mindful of the moment.


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