Eleven Ways to Stop Your Drama in 2011

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique and so is the next person. As my algebra teacher used to say, you can’t compare an apple with a Billy-goat. Instead appreciate your blessings and compliment others on their skills, abilities and attributes. Comparing yourself is just drama. If you want to improve in some area, go ahead and take action, but quit using other people as the benchmark for your success.

2. Stop engaging with negative people. Negative people are all around, but you don’t have to have the last word, nor do you have to point out to them how negative they are. Instead of engaging, or trying to change them or their point of view, simply smile knowingly and respond with vague statements like, “Hmmm that’s an interesting take on things.” You can like someone and even work with them without plugging into their negativity.

3. Stop complaining. Talking about what is not working or who did you wrong is just a waste of time. Once you have identified what is unpleasant, either change it or accept it. Anything else is just drama and an excuse to lose focus.

4. Stop trying to be right. All drama is based on the need to be “right.” You don’t always need others to understand or agree with your point of view. If you know what you need to do next, do it and be OK with the fact that others might see Dramacool  things differently. Own the role of creator in your own life without having to ask for permission on decisions that are ultimately yours.

5. Stop criticizing others. Criticizing someone else is often due to a lack of personal discipline, or the unwillingness to confront a difficult situation. When someone does something inappropriate, bring it to their attention so they can make amends, or simply ask for what you want instead of harboring resentment.

6. Stop working through lunch. The body craves rest and recovery every 90-120 minutes. Working through lunch only breeds exhaustion and increases the likelihood of mistakes. Each day schedule time to rejuvenate and your effectiveness and productivity will increase.

7. Stop questioning your self-worth. You are here therefore you are worthy. Instead of trying to figure it all out, start a gratitude journal and decide once and for all to claim not only your right to exist but your right to excel.

8. Stop arguing. Instead of constantly correcting every minor detail, ask yourself, “who cares?” Most of the time we argue over insignificant details that do not have any impact on the point being made. The wisdom is in knowing what is important and what is not.
If the essence is understood and the detail is insignificant just let it go.



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