Candy, Chocolate, and Mints Oh My!

Edible wedding favors are the most popular for many reasons. They are inexpensive for the bride, fun and useful for the guests, cbd topical Canada and easy to get rid of if there are lots of leftovers. Candy is probably the best known wedding favor, but cookies, spices, tea, or even popcorn are other unique options. Here are some ideas for edible wedding favors that will make your wedding special and memorable.

One of the great advantages to edible wedding favors is the appeal to a variety of people. Children, single adults, couples, families, or older guests all appreciate fun edible favors. Jordan almonds are a classic traditional example, but they shouldn’t limit your creativity. Many candies can be personalized with your own sayings or dates such as “conversation” hearts and M&Ms. Others can be personalized in your wedding colors, such as jelly beans or gummy bears. For a fall wedding, you could use candy corn as a fun, seasonal favor. For a beach wedding, salt water taffy is an appropriately themed choice. Or if you would like a more traditional, formal favor consider chocolate kiss “rose bouquets” or chocolate foil coins.

My wedding was in the spring and we gave out pastel colored mini Hershey bars we got on sale after Easter. Retro candies such as Necco wafers, candy buttons, wax lips, pop rocks, Jujyfruits, et cetera are all nostalgic choices that can fit into many wedding styles. Another idea is to do a “candy bar” with different choices of candies for your guests to sample. Concession counter candies like Runts, Hot Tamales, Sweetarts, Nerds, and Jawbreakers are especially suited for this type of favor. Rock candy or lollipops are another unique yet glamorous choice for wedding favors that can be stunning when presented in your wedding colors. Buying candy in bulk can be a very inexpensive way to give fabulous favors to your guests.

Cookies are another delicious choice for wedding favors. Whether dipped in chocolate or personalized with your names or initials, chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, or a variety of flavors, cookies are an inexpensive and always appreciated favor. Homemade popcorn balls are a unique favor that might be perfect for your wedding. You can try your own gourmet flavor combination like peppermint, red hot cinnamon, pecan cluster, or a traditional flavor like caramel. Fun, romantic tags such as “our love just keeps on popping” can add to the casual merriment.

A small tin or sachet of spices can be another memorable idea for a wedding favor, especially when combined with a meaningful poem or recipe. Or perhaps custom tea packets with your names or message on them would be the perfect favor. One lady I know gave small jars of honey to her guests with a label explaining that in ancient Greece and Rome, honey was a symbol of love, beauty, and fertility. Since your wedding favors are your gift to your guests, consider choosing something that is fun and personal to you as a couple and you can’t go wrong with your wedding favors.5

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