Best Laptop Cooler to Keep You From Overheating

Have you ever finished up a long session of laptop use (work, gaming, DVD watching, etc.) and realized that your laptop felt more like a radiator than a computer? An overly warm laptop is not only uncomfortable to use, but it is bad for the computer because your notebook will have to overwork its built-in fans to stop itself from overheating. Lucky for you (and your laptop), there are plenty of laptop coolers on the market that are affordable, effective, quiet, and easy to use. Here are a few of the best fan-powered laptop coolers available.

Zalman’s Notebook Cooler ZM-NC2000 is the best laptop cooler on the market, thanks to its excellent performance, quiet fans, and sturdy frame. The aluminum frame is strong, filled with ventilation holes, and comes with a handy no-slip strip that makes sure your laptop stays exactly where you want it. It is easy to adjust and features extra USB ports and fan speed control. It does a great job of keeping laptops cool, however it won’t work well with  ryzen 5 hp laptop laptops that use bottom-mounted exhaust ports for ventilation, as the ZM-NC2000’s fans will interfere with those kind of laptop’s built-in fans. Zalman also produces the Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler ZM-NC1000, which is specifically designed for people who want the quietest possible notebook cooler.

As you’d expect, Zalman has many worthy competitors, and Thermaltake and Antec both manufacture real standout models. The Thermaltake MASSIVE23 NB COOLER is highly rated, because of its massive, centrally-positioned 230 millimeter fan that eradicates built-up heat. It runs at a near-silent 1 decibels, so you won’t be disturbed, and the outer surface is made of mesh, which actually absorbs a large amount of heat itself. It is also a very versatile model, as it can handle laptops that are between 10 and 17 inches long.

Antec’s USB Notebook Cooler is an excellent model that runs through an included pass-through USB adapter. Therefore, it is powered by your USB port without using one of your laptop’s built-in ports, which is especially important as many laptops only feature two USB ports. It will cool your laptop exceptionally well, and it runs at a decent – not great – 25.9 decibels. It works best with computers that either a bottom-mounted exhaust port or none at all, because its fans take air from the top and release it down below. However, it won’t work well with notebooks that use bottom-mounted intake for cooling.


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